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  • The Best Bali Dive Sites in One Dive Holiday.

    The Best Bali Dive Sites in One Dive Holiday.

    Dive Around Bali is a new guide service that will show you Bali's underwater miracles in style. Each trip is unique, as your hopes and dreams are used to customize your Bali diving experience. In addition to the personalized dive itinerary, we select for you the most original hotels, the most professional spas, and the most tempting restaurants, all to suite your preferences. We are pleased to be your trip leader, both above and below the blue world of Bali.

    To your liking.

    Our principle is very simple: "Each traveler and each diver is unique". Everyone has his personal dreams and favorites. Dive Around Bali embraces these differences and organizes your holiday to suit your tastes. For this reason, we offer six different programs to choose from. Whether traveling with your children, interested in exploring the cultural diversity of Bali, or completely focused on the diving, there is a package for everyone. If you want a bit of everything, just order "a la carte". Everything goes, and there are no limits, no groups, and no fixed dates.

    Please select a diving in Bali holiday on the right to learn more about Dive Around Bali.

  • Diving with Kids

    Diving with Kids

    Is it possible? Yes!

    What happens when you try to plan a family dive holiday in Bali with the children? You quickly realize that it’s hard to please everyone. Who’ll watch the kids while adults are in the water? What’ll the kids do that doesn’t involve getting bored and sunburned on a dive boat? Often, it’s decided that diving while in Bali is just too difficult... As parents ourselves, we understand this.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. From safari parks and kiddie snorkeling, to water amusement parks and a friendly sitter... let us help you enjoy Bali and relax as a whole family.

    We offer fun for parents and fun for kids so that you can still dive in Bali and still spend time together.

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  • Mixed Marriage

    Mixed Marriage

    Happy diver, happy partner

    Perhaps this has happened to you before. You are planning your next holiday together, but only one of you is a diver. What will your dear spouse do while you are exploring the deep Blue of Indonesia?

    Dive Around Bali will happily provide interesting activities for please you both, allowing each to experience the best the Island of the Gods has to offer.

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  • Above & Below

    Above & Below

    The complete Bali experience.

    Wander through two very different worlds. You’ll be amazed by the beauty below, and inspired by the natural and cultural splendors above.

    Bali has it all, and we will guide you through the best of both worlds...

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  • Dive & Dine

    Dive & Dine

    How about a culinary dive trip?

    After discovering the fabulous diving in Bali you realize that diving makes you hungry! It’s time to experience some of Bali’s delicious cuisine. With this package, Dive Around Bali will organize for you both diving and dining experiences.

    When you add to this, for no extra charge, some of the most magnificent dining settings that you could ever imagine, you truly realize that you’ve found the `island of the gods'.

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  • Nothing but diving

    Nothing but diving

    Dive, Dive & Dive around Bali

    You are a diver and you want to dive, dive & dive...You've got it!! You are a diver and you want to dive, dive & dive...You've got it!! We’ll wander off the beaten track, as well as enjoy the classics.

    In addition, for the avid underwater photographer, Dive Around Bali will provide a photographic specialist to serve as your private guide. You’ll be immersed in special photographic opportunities that you’ve only dreamed of…

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  • A la carte

    A la carte

    Pure custom made Bali diving.

    No groups, just you and your family and friends. Perhaps when you’re not diving you’d prefer a luxurious hotel with a riverside spa, or a local home-stay with a family temple. How about an endless private beach, or a crowded weekend market? All are within reach, and all can be arranged for you.

    Nibble a bit of that, sample a bit of this, have a little taste of everything or pick your favorites. In short, travel and dive Bali a la carte. No set menu, order your separate items and we prepare a delicious platter for you according to your very personal taste. This is Bali diving a la carte...

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